mfc bus autobusova dopravaOur company provides regional, long-distance and international tour transport as well as regular and irregular contracted transport.

On request, we will provide a guide and a steward.

The price is individual and tailor-made.

Approximate prices are around €1.6/km without VAT for transport over 100 km and €10 per hour of waiting.

Tips for comfortable travel:

  • it is no secret that passengers may feel nauseous while driving, so it is necessary to take a bag or take medicine to stop travel sickness ( Kinedryl, Benadryl, Dramamine..)
  • to increase your comfort, we recommend packing a travel pillow,
  • you are not alone on the bus, so keep your space clean and tidy and do not damage the bus equipment,
  • dispose of litter in bins or bags intended for this purpose,
  • behave politely and do not disturb the driver with noise or in any other way, he must fully devote himself to driving the vehicle to ensure your safety.

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